5-й Международный фотоконкурс "Мама и дети в национальных костюмах" проходит под эгидой Комиссии Российской Федерации по делам ЮНЕСКО.
Комиссии Российской Федерации по делам ЮНЕСКО
5-й Международный фотоконкурс "Мама и дети в национальных костюмах" проходит при поддержке Федерального агентства по делам национальностей России.
Федеральное агентство по делам национальностей России

They talk about her: “Always knows how to clearly and accurately formulate the desired result.”

The jury of the International photo Contest “Mother and children in national costume” included Gulbakhor M. Makhkamova – Founder, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT). An expert on gender issues. Candidate of Historical Sciences. Tadjikistan.

More than 25 years of professional experience in community mobilization and social development with a focus on youth, poverty reduction, women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion. Founder, CEO, and then Chairman of the Board of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESSWOMEN OF TAJIKISTAN, one of the first non-profit membership organizations in Tajikistan, uniting more than 3,500 women entrepreneurs.

She is the author and organizer of the national competition “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – FARAH Award”, held twice a year since 2012.

Gulbakhor Makhkamova is one of the most influential women leaders in Tajikistan, with a degree in gender studies, the owner of numerous national and international awards and recognitions.

Gulbakhor Mahsudovna combines foresight, innovation and creativity with exceptional strategic management and business conduct, which leads to the creation of market-leading and sustainable organizations. Strives to understand problems, search for solutions, identify opportunities and transform them into dynamic, relevant, ambitious and achievable solutions.  He is passionate about technology, education, finance, digital literacy; he is always looking for something new and methods of application.

Striving for excellence, whether in commercial fields, with philanthropic goals or with social enterprises. Extensive management experience at all levels – from a startup to organizations with more than 2,000 employees.  More than 30 years of experience, including launch, growth, investment attraction, management of the board of directors, corporate structures, interaction with the government, crisis management, technology integration. Uses data and research to stimulate action and produce results.

First of all, this is connected with the transformation of the lives of women and girls.  Committed to gender equality in all forms.  Leader of the women’s movement in Tajikistan; empowerment, protection of rights, financial accessibility and literacy, education, rural women’s development, climate change, violence against women.  A strong advocate of an intersectoral approach that ensures not only access, but also use and results.

Public figure – leader of the women’s movement in Tajikistan.  Has demonstrated an unquestionable commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment for over 30 years. She is in great demand worldwide as a speaker on gender equality, financial inclusion and women’s economic empowerment. Founder of the annual lecture series on scientific and practical aspects of gender equality. Founder of the national competition to determine the best female entrepreneur of the year (FARAH) in Tajikistan, promoting female role models and taking into account the success of women in business.

Advocate for women’s startups and social enterprises. She is passionate about women’s startups and business activities, which are crucial for the economic empowerment of women. He has developed a training course aimed at women, allowing them to provide loans without collateral. More than 7,000 women have been trained, and 50% of them have received start-up loans within 8 years. Business incubators and accelerators created to support women entrepreneurs. Supported women in entering the markets of agricultural products with high added value, transforming their lives and lifting them out of poverty. Turning a network of women’s crafts into a successful social enterprise.

Supports female-led SMEs in gaining access to know-how, non-financial business development services and networking opportunities. Develops international relations with other organizations of businesswomen (Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Russia).

Founder of the first Crisis Center in the Republic of Tajikistan and currently one of 3 organizations in Tajikistan providing temporary shelter services to women victims of domestic violence. The organization provides effective counseling, psychological, legal and social support, as well as rehabilitates women in crisis situations, mainly victims of violence. More than 3000 free consultations per year. Grassroots, community-based training programs to change attitudes towards domestic violence and reduce social norms that allow violence against women.

Organizer and moderator of the Forum of Women Entrepreneurs of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, B2B Conference, June 7-9, 2022, Khujand, Tajikistan.

And this is only a small part of the achievements of Gulbakhor M. Makhkamov.

Dear Gulbakhor Mahsudovna, the organizing committee of the contest expresses its great gratitude to you for your support and participation!!!