5-й Международный фотоконкурс "Мама и дети в национальных костюмах" проходит под эгидой Комиссии Российской Федерации по делам ЮНЕСКО.
Комиссии Российской Федерации по делам ЮНЕСКО
5-й Международный фотоконкурс "Мама и дети в национальных костюмах" проходит при поддержке Федерального агентства по делам национальностей России.
Федеральное агентство по делам национальностей России


The International Women’s Union is ready to provide a ready-made exhibition “Mother and Children in national costumes” for presentation at your venues.

Photo works can be viewed at the link http://www.ethno-photo.com/?page_id=401


  • 100 photos
  • size 90*60
  • foam board 5 ml.

For the organizer of the photo exhibition

Necessary requirements for the organizer to conduct a photo exhibition:

  • Closed room.
  • An unshaded room (or partially shaded).
  • Not a walk-through corridor, but a spacious hall or room.
  • Free walls.
  • The presence of fasteners and suspensions sufficient to withstand the weight of the pictures
  • Transportation of photographs at your own expense from the place of receipt, negotiated with the “International Union of Women”, to the place of exposure.
  • The design of the exhibition – by the organizer or assistance in the design (if required) by a representative of the “International Union of Women– – is negotiated.
  • The addition of each photo work provided by the “International Union of Women”, a standard plate with a description, which lists:Full name of the author, title.
  • A guarantee of the safety of photographs, backed up by a standard Act of acceptance and transfer of inventory with a specified value for each unit.
  • Access by the “International Union of Women” to the exhibition at any time of the institution.
  • At the end of the exhibition – within 3 calendar days to carry out the transportation-return of the photographs.
  • In the case of a lecture, conversation, master class with the participation of the “International Union of Women”, the organizer is obliged to provide: 2 bottles of 0.5 liters of mineral water; if necessary, a working microphone with a spare set of batteries; a temporary room (a utility room is permissible) for changing clothes; in the case of an event lasting more than 4 hours, it is necessary to provide a set lunch or hot drinks and sandwiches.

All conditions are discussed at the contacts listed below:

еmail: iwuorg@gmail.com

tel.: +7 968 441 84 51,  +7 967 148 38 32